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These are some pictures of a recent manufactured home we set, in order to see a MODULAR set, please go to "Modular Home Process".

We transport the home in two halves to the job site using our trucks.  We then position the halves onto the foundationand square them up.  Notice how the roofs are folded down during this shipping process, this is so the home will not hit bridges or power lines along the roads. 
The home is set on 30 to 40 concrete piers and fastened with steel straps to the concrete foundation. The roofs are locked into place and the two halves are fastened together. 
At this time we install the well and septic, or city water and sewer.  Our plumbers, electricians, and blocklayer then come in to do their part. 
A foundation for the garage is poured and the garage is built on site to match up to the home. 
After all of the crawlspace blockwork is cured and it's waterproofing is complete, we begin the final grading of the property.
We arrange to have the utility companies come in prior to spreading the topsoil for seeding.  Finally, we install a driveway and schedule all building inspections in order to gain an occupancy permit.  Then the new home customer moves in!
Here is the manufactured home floorplan for this particular model.