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Of course we start with your property.  It does not matter if we are dealing with sandy or clay type soils, high water tables or not, wooded or open.  We are experienced in all of the above.


All of our foundations are of poured concrete.  The basement wall heights are up to you.  Generally 8' to 10' high walls are desired.

After the foundation walls are cured, we are ready for the new modular home.

By using our crew and crane, we lift each section of the modular home up and onto the waiting walls.  This picture shows a typical three section home.

Now we call in our electrians, plumbers, and HVAC guys.   We start building the stairway to the basement and installing the basement doors and windows.

The garages and porches are built on site by our crews.   All materials are ordered before hand and ordered to match your new home exactly.

This customer wanted a front porch built to join between his garage and home section.

All of the final grading is done and a new deck built.  This customer chose the new white vinyl rails available for decks.

All done.  Note how the front porch rails and columns are now in and the eye-brow piece built above the garage to match that of the home's.  These are the finishing touches that can really make your home look beautiful.